Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
Commissioned for Thai domestic promotion of Nagasaki Prefecture tourism

Promotion of Japan-bound tourism has intensified, and an increase in coordinating firms that use free-lance staff without much knowledge or experience has been seen in the market. Using experienced in-house staff, Kori Planning has provided smooth project implementation through close attention to the important details. Specializing in promotional strategies that make full use of various kinds of media, Kori’s staff have followed their projects through the creative cycle from inception to implementation. The plans are updated yearly, but the sharp focus on cost performance and delivery of precise, high-quality services does not change. As a result, the number of Thai tourists visiting Nagasaki has increased at such a high pace recently that no one even remembers the days in 2011 when local tour services lamented that Thais don’t visit Nagasaki.

When it was decided that we would be shooting in on Hashima (Gunkanjima) in Nagasaki Prefecture, that meant that our filming team would be traveling abroad. This also meant problems with the budget. That is where Kori Planning stepped in to give us all the advice and provide coordination for the filming activities in Japan. All of our worries were resolved. They requested collaboration with the Nagasaki Tourism Federation, and thanks to this we were able to obtain permission to film on Hashima, which is usually not possible. We were able to complete our filming within our budget and time constraints. Kori Planning took our concerns to heart, and thanks to their dedication and commitment our dream of producing a Thai film came true.
Uncle Adirek Watleela
Forfilm Co.,Ltd.

Famous Thai producer, writer, director and actor; a brilliant creator of many big hits

Checktour Magazine was able to travel to Nagasaki, Saga, Kagawa, Chiba and Tokyo in collaboration with Kori Planning. Since we were not familiar with the area, an information-gathering trip like this would not be easy for us. But luckily we were able to do this together with Kori Planning, and what would otherwise have been a difficult trip went smoothly. We found out about many places that we had not been aware of, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly throughout the program. In fact, this provided us with new perspectives on Japan. Because they are so knowledgeable about this area, they were able to provide high quality contacts with local people and agencies. When we arrived there, all preparations were already in place. Even more valuable to us, at each location we visited, they provided invaluable advice and background analysis. With this knowledge about the local culture and customs, we got a deep feeling for the people’s lives and lifestyles. They are of course also experienced with the details of the local cuisine, hotels and tourist destinations. Carrying this out together with Kori Planning, our information-gathering trip was extremely valuable, and left a very deep impression of the destinations with us.

Eang Kraisorn Wichanprasit
Owner and editor of Checktour Magazine and Checktour TV, a new star in the Thai
tourism industry providing information on world travel and tourism destinations, using the range of media from magazines, free papers, video and television programming

As a producer for Maker Group Co. Ltd and Maker Y Co. Ltd, I was in charge of the drama ‘Rising Sun’ Part 1 and 2. On several occasions I traveled to Japan with Kori Planning for location scouting and actual shooting, and this left many very good impressions. Their staff were completely committed to the project, working with motivation and efficiency. The work went extremely smoothly thanks to their coordination on multiple fronts. When we encountered trouble, they took care of it in a quick but calm manner. They provided excellent advice, as well. Working together was a joy because everyone got along so well. Under tight deadlines, of course there were times of misunderstanding and disagreement. But everyone made efforts to understand each other, and talking through the problems resulted in solutions. In fact, at the hotel we stayed, we made many special and specific requests regarding laundry and meals, but Kori Planning supported all our needs with round-the-clock service. Thank you so much for everything!

Ying Varaporn Sukkasam
Producer, Maker Group Co., Ltd.

Maker Group has produced many hit dramas for Channel 3 prime-time. They are well known for bringing superstars and large-scale shoots to produce popular films.



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